Dr. Yvonne Williams-McMillan, MA, Ed.D

A researcher, educator, and Co-Founder/CEO of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching, LLC., Dr. Williams-McMillan's goal is to provide research-based instruction, motivation and inspiration that helps professional women step into their future as thoughtful, effective leaders and live a life of their choosing.

Drawing on her expertise and experience in the areas of curriculum design/assessment and e-learning/educational technologies, Dr. Williams-McMillan is very hands on in developing personal success programs, including their new leader development series, ARETE, tailored especially for women and their unique needs.

Erika Danina Williams, MBA

As Co-Founder of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching LLC., Erika Danina Williams brings profound insight on corporate culture and many of the challenges working women face in the workplace today.

Her role as CEO/COO is key in creating, communicating, and executing the company's mission and vision consistent with helping women sharpen their competitive edge in today's global labor market. 

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