Yvonne Williams-McMillan, MA, EdD

A researcher, educator, and Co-Founder/CEO of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching, LLC, Dr. Williams-McMillan believes that communication is a critical function of business, and every organization—from the smallest to the largest—should have a plan in place for communicating with its internal and external constituents.

Drawing on her expertise and more than 20 years of experience in the areas of interpersonal and organizational communication, organizational change, e-learning, curriculum design and assessment, and educational technologies, Dr. Williams-McMillan is very hands-on in creating and delivering innovative one-on-one and group training programs that help you leverage communication strategies that competitively position your company or organization to anticipate vital business needs and capture rewarding opportunities.

Erika Danina Williams, MBA

As a competitive strategist and Co-Founder/CEO of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching, LLC, Erika's primary goal is to establish a collaborative, working relationship with you based on mutual trust and respect. She believes that having someone in your corner to objectively help facilitate the problem-solving process is key to sustained success. 

Drawing on her expertise and more than 20 years of experience driving results in the areas of management, leadership, and business development for many Fortune 100 companies, Erika is well equipped to provide advice and assistance to businesses on various management issues such as strategic planning, financial planning & analysis, and executive transitioning. She strives to help you make sense of ambiguity and focus your resources on the right activities.


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