What Do You Want In Life? What’s Missing?

Did you answer happiness, money, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, or passion?

Well if so, you’d be counted among the great majority of people who gave that same answer, according to Kathy Caprino, a blogger for the Huffington Post. Her poll, conducted among more than 1,000 people in her network, revealed those 8 qualities were among the top ten answers most frequently given by the 700 people who responded.

But what do we mean when we say we want happiness, joy, or some other quality? How are we supposed to achieve that?

The Art of Living Richly: Experience Greater Meaning, Joy & Satisfaction in Your Life!

The Art of Living Richly is concerned with finding the meaning of your life and living fully, joyfully, and with overall satisfaction.

Although you may not be able to tell it from the title, I’m not a Buddhist Monk nor a Master of Zen. I am a researcher and educator, and I have studied this topic from an empirical vantage point looking for proven explanations—partly as a result of my own experiences of grappling with these same existential questions.

I do believe however, I can share with you a different approach for gaining the answers you need without you having to give up all of your worldly goods and moving to the top of the Himalayan Mountains. 


Benefits of Living Richly

The 5-week course, with over 3 hours of engaging, online training, delves into: defining the meaning of happiness for yourself, identifying your true values, mastering habits, and recognizing the gift of relationships.

It uses simple, proven system to help you gauge your own readiness to accept and create positive change in your life.

Along with facilitated online training, you will receive a downloadable PDF companion workbook packed with more than 50 pages of self-paced exercises and activities related to weekly training.

These exercises will help you: tune into your values, beliefs, and attitudes; determine what's truly important and why; and gain a greater sense of who you are.

Access to our private community forum allows you to connect with other course members, offer feedback or advice, participate in live events, and become even more accountable to your goals.

Your community is designed to inspire, engage, and support you on your personal development journey and unlock the full breadth of your potential.

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Praise for The Art of Living Richly

Dr. Yvonne Williams-McMillan and co-author Erika D. Williams has crafted a thoughtful, sensitive course that approaches one’s search for meaning in their life and the desire for personal fulfillment, happiness and overall satisfaction.

They apply a light, relaxed, yet enlightened approach to finding goodness and joy in the people we interact with, the daily tasks we perform, and the mundane moments that we come to cherish. This course will teach you how living more mindfully, purposefully, intentionally and courageously builds confidence to live according to your values and beliefs.

— Dr. Felicia Bowers-Smith, Ph.D. Behavioral Psychology. Oakland, CA.

So happy I got to be a part of the beta-test for this course. I learned so much from it and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be happier and  more satisfied.

— Lindsay Cooper-Davis, St. Augustine, FL

Great course, I liked that I could watch it when I wanted to. It was easy to follow and the activities and exercises in the workbook really made me think.

— Laurisa Reed, Lansing MI

This course is awesome and I recommend it to everyone who wants more happiness and satisfaction in their life. It's helping me uncover my path of change and growth.

— Patricia Castle, Shreveport, LA


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