San Diego Magazine: Who's The Boss? I Work With My Mom/Daughter

By Archana Ram

The old adage is “Don’t mix blood with business,” but the mother-daughter duos who run these successful San Diego brands would beg to differ.

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American Express OPEN Forum: How 3 Mother-Daughter Businesses Are Making A Difference

By Julie Bawden Davis 

As America gears up to celebrate Women's Equality Day, we take a look at mother-daughter businesses that are taking full advantage of today's entrepreneurial environment.

Women's Equality Day is on August 26. In 1973, Congress designated the day to commemorate the August 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. Today, it's a symbol of the long way women have come, and... the following inspiring mother-daughter businesses are making a difference together.

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NBC 12News Phoenix - Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching Provides Women's Leadership Training

press Jun 05, 2018
Dr. Yvonne Williams-McMillan and Erika Danina Williams tell us about their unique and innovative online Leader Development program.