Unlock the Power of Your Niche Market

As a small business owner, you’re hoping to fill a specific need that big-business competitors can’t meet. This often means your customer base will be a niche market and in order to grow, you must embrace that niche.

Have you spent time in a grocery store lately? If so, you were probably amazed at the number of companies marketing to consumers preferring organic, gluten-free, low and sugar-free, preservative and antibiotic-free food products that were mostly unheard of only a few years ago.

As you can see just from your grocer’s shelves, many companies—both small and large—are embracing a more select audience. According to Forbes, embracing your niche market immediately gives you a leg-up on other businesses in the space. Choosing and targeting a market niche, whether demographic, geographic, psychographic, product-oriented or service, can position your company for scale-able success and leadership.

What is Niche marketing? According to ...

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