Planning for Success in Your Small Business

Are you an entrepreneur with your own small business? Or are you planning to start one soon? Having your own business is a goal for many people. For some, it means building something of your own, doing something that you are actually passionate about, and doing it the way you feel it should be done.  For others, it’s a lifeline, a way to support their families.   

We’ve all heard the dire statistics of far too many small businesses failing within their first five years, yet thousands of new businesses start up every year. And, that’s because we don’t believe those numbers will apply to us. We believe that our ideas are fail-proof, that we can make a go of it on passion and drive alone, and that the world will welcome with open arms what we have to offer. Unfortunately, if you and your business are going to thrive, you will need to lay a strong foundation for your business’ future.

What Motivates You

Entrepreneurism begins with an idea,...

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