Planning for Success in Your Small Business

Are you an entrepreneur with your own small business? Or are you planning to start one soon? Having your own business is a goal for many people. For some, it means building something of your own, doing something that you are actually passionate about, and doing it the way you feel it should be done.  For others, it’s a lifeline, a way to support their families.   

We’ve all heard the dire statistics of far too many small businesses failing within their first five years, yet thousands of new businesses start up every year. And, that’s because we don’t believe those numbers will apply to us. We believe that our ideas are fail-proof, that we can make a go of it on passion and drive alone, and that the world will welcome with open arms what we have to offer. Unfortunately, if you and your business are going to thrive, you will need to lay a strong foundation for your business’ future.

What Motivates You

Entrepreneurism begins with an idea,...

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What Is Your Brand Message Saying About You?

As small business owners, we are busy taking care of so many different functions within our businesses that sometimes we neglect small details that can make or break our enterprises. Having a clear, cohesive, and compelling message embedded in our content and across all of our communication outlets is one such detail.

If your audience does not know who you are as a business, and how your products and services can answer a question or solve a problem they may have, they won’t consider that information buried treasure and try to dig it up on their own.

Your brand message, according to, strengthens your company’s values and reputation to the outside world and allows it to resonate with your ideal audience by inspiring, persuading, and motivating them to relate to your brand, and encouraging them to consider you as an option. Your brand message plays an important role in selling your products and services.

What is your brand message, and what is it conveying...

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Unlock the Power of Your Niche Market

As a small business owner, you’re hoping to fill a specific need that big-business competitors can’t meet. This often means your customer base will be a niche market and in order to grow, you must embrace that niche.

Have you spent time in a grocery store lately? If so, you were probably amazed at the number of companies marketing to consumers preferring organic, gluten-free, low and sugar-free, preservative and antibiotic-free food products that were mostly unheard of only a few years ago.

As you can see just from your grocer’s shelves, many companies—both small and large—are embracing a more select audience. According to Forbes, embracing your niche market immediately gives you a leg-up on other businesses in the space. Choosing and targeting a market niche, whether demographic, geographic, psycho-graphic, product oriented, or service, can position your company for scale-able success and leadership.

What is Niche marketing? According to ...

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Are Digital Shoppers Finding You Online?

If you’re not selling your products and services online, or haven’t yet maximized this lucrative opportunity to reach hundreds or thousands of people a day with your message, you are leaving money on the table—a lot of money!

If you're a small-business owner like us, you know customers are at the heart of our business, and how important it is to continually build our customer base. However, we can start to feel overwhelmed and stretched incredibly thin by having to do the work required of our business, service our existing customers, and find new people to sell our products and services to.

An unfortunate reality however, is that too often we focus on the urgency of the first two and neglect the third. Creating an effective online marketing campaign can help us attract a customer base vast enough to ensure the longevity and viability of our business. Yet for some of us, this can be very difficult. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help!...

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