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If you embrace leadership and entrepreneurship as a way of enriching lives and significantly contributing to the betterment of society, Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching is your number one resource for personal and professional development.

We are all too aware of the rapidly increasing turbulence and cynicism in today’s business landscape, partly a result of the many controversies rocking nearly every industry. But chaos brings about opportunity and now is a crucial time for women to make the changes we want to see! Color Your World Pesonal Development & Coaching is ready to help you

change the status quo!

Calling all Entrepreneuers, Solopreneuers, and Small-Business Owners! 

PRISMA is a new, professional community designed to support and encourage more entrepreneurship and leadership among women.

A one-stop destination for information, support, and important resources to help women-owned businesses improve their top/bottom lines and grow their businesses.

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About Us

We are Dr. Yvonne Williams-McMillan (Top/Left) and Erika Danina Williams (Bottom/Right), founders of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching. We strive to help women create the change we seek.



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