Can You Feel It?

This is a time of rapidly increasing turbulence and cynicism in today’s society, partly a result of the controversies rocking every one of our trusted institutions – government, business, family, and religion. But all of the rancor and chaos brings about opportunity! Now is a crucial time for women to recognize our power, and rise to the challenges before us!

No longer are we allowing others to diminish our power or silence our voices. Harnessing our outrage and our compassion, women around the world are mobilizing on issues that affect us and our families – issues that have long been ignored, like sexual harassment and assault; women’s legal, civil, and reproductive rights; and protections for children, just to name a few.

We are entering the political arena more than ever before and winning elected offices in unprecedented numbers. We are also stepping into our power in business, bringing about momentous change. Each and every day nearly 800 new women-owned businesses are added to the economy. That’s over 300,000 new businesses a year and counting!

This is a watershed moment in our history. It’s our moment and if more and more of us embrace and exercise our power, nothing will ever be the same!   

Against All Odds

As a mother-daughter partnership, we launched Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching, LLC two years ago. We took a leap of faith, leaving our positions in Academia and Corporate America, to share our knowledge, passion, and expertise with the world.

We knew that starting a business was risky, and although we were disheartened, we were not deterred by the challenges and hardships before us. However, when we learned that approximately 70% of new businesses fail within their first 5 years AND that women-owned businesses fail more often (and sooner) than their male counterparts, we couldn’t help but ask;

  • if 70% of business owners are failing, what are the remaining 30% doing to succeed?
  • if women-owned businesses are failing in greater numbers than men-owned businesses, what do women need to know to become more successful?
  • if most American women-owned businesses generate less than the US median household income ($61,372 according to the US Census), what’s holding us back?

Answering these three questions led us on our mission to inspire, motivate, encourage, and teach other small business owners so that they are able to: put their businesses on solid footing; use tools and proven strategies that accelerate profitability; and effectively plan for long-term growth and viability!

Using our expertise in leadership and entrepreneurship, we offer online, membership-based, personal, professional, and business development programs to help small business owners beat the overwhelming odds — and together we can change the status quo!  


Calling all Small Business Owners and Business Leaders!


Never before in the history of women have we ever had a greater opportunity to harness our power, demonstrate our leadership, speak our truths and solve many of our nation’s social ills.

Whether you’re a start-up company running purely on sweat equity, or looking to scale your more seasoned business for greater profitability, the PRISMA Community can help you leverage your resources and relationships to take your company to the next level!


In The News

We've been inspired and encouraged by the people we've met through our appearances across the country sharing our story of acceptance, our mission of change, and our vision for the future. Imagine, as we have, the impact on families, communities and society if all women were able to fulfill their complete breadth of human potential? Together we can make a difference!

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