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The business landscape is rapidly evolving and society as a whole is poised to benefit from a significant increase in women’s leadership. With all of the turbulence resulting from the many controversies rocking almost every industry, this is a crucial time for women to demonstrate we have the political and social acumen to successfully step into those roles and be successful.

Color Your World Personal Development and Coaching was created to help women understand and successfully navigate the inherently social and political nature of leadership that takes place in every aspect of our lives.

We offer personal success programs featuring instructional and inspirational content (i.e., seminars, webinars, interviews, and courses) that are grounded in human development research. And, by incorporating best-practices in asynchronous learning and adult online education, our programs support individual learning style preferences, circumvent most scheduling and geographic restrictions, and help you achieve the kinds of success you want and deserve!

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Learn more about us (Dr. Yvonne Williams-McMillan and Erika Danina Williams), and our mission to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere.



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