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Imagine, as we have, the impact on families, communities and society if we all were able to fulfill our complete breadth of human potential...

Inspired and encouraged by people we've met as we traveled across the country last year as part of our research, and their willingness to:

  • share their individual goals, motivations, and challenges as they juggle the competing priorities of family and work 
  • communicate what they need to feel less dissatisfied, less disappointed, and less disillusioned throughout their daily work of living

We developed an empirically grounded personal development curricula that teaches ways to increase happiness and satisfaction, and create equilibrium with–and in–our lives.

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Do you have a clear understanding about yourself and your individual personal development journey?

Do you have clarity about your personal and career-related goals and aspirations?

Are your actions in alignment with your overall goals and purpose in life?

Where are you in your journey of self-discovery and transformation?

What principles are guiding your thoughts and actions?

Let us help you gain clarity, direction, and stay accountable to your goals.

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Yvonne Williams-McMillan, MA, EdD

I am co-founder of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching. A lot of people ask why I started this venture. And I must say it’s because of my profound interest, experience, and education in personal and professional development.

I earned a Master’s Degree in communication and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Change, taught communication skills to undergraduate students for nearly two decades, and facilitated faculty professional development in the college’s signature Master Faculty program for several years.

The company also evolved from a conversation I had with my daughter, Erika. We were discussing the research I had compiled on GenX women, their overwhelming need to succeed, and the impact that need has on their happiness and satisfaction within their lives. As a GenX’er, a mother, and accomplished business professional, that rigorous research fully resonated with her, expressing what she was also feeling.

“Mom, please.” She said to me. “I need your help figuring this all out!”

One week later we had crafted an action plan for her. Six months later we were in business together! 

Erika Danina Williams, MBA

I am co-founder of Color Your World Personal Development & Coaching. People ask me what is it like working so closely with my mother, Yvonne, and I always tell them I find it to be a blessing! Our ability to purposefully work together for the benefit of others is particularly gratifying.

As a self-proclaimed “high-achiever,” I earned my MBA, rose in the ranks of Corporate America, and believed that the combination of knowing better and doing better was key to my success.

After many discussions with Yvonne, in regard to my own personal and professional development, I came to understand that in my relentless pursuit of success I was spending less and less time with people and on activities that made me happy. Years of trade-offs left me feeling disappointed and dissatisfied.

“Erika, you are very smart and passionate about the things that you do" she told me. "So maybe we need to sit down and figure out ways for you to be happier and more satisfied in life." Shedding the ideas associated with where I thought I should be at this point in my life and exploring the possibilities of where I could be was both exciting and terrifying!

Within six months I was clear and resolute in my purpose and left my job to start helping others find joy and greater satisfaction in their lives!


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